Once More.

Poem 3

A single tear rolls down her cheek,
But her eyes stay calm and cold.
She stares into the black of night,
As her heart is turned to stone.

Her eyes are laced with ice,
Her hair shall dance in fire.
Her mind never wishes again,
To taste the bitterness of desire.

She screams in silence,
She gasps for breath,
As an angel from hell rises,
Granting her,
The immortal kiss of death.

Poem 2

Pray for a place to go, where the broken people dream,
Of a life somewhere with no more silent screams,
Lock me inside, never let me go,
This world is something I don’t want to know.
Tell me I’m wrong; get rid of the key,
Throw me away for just being me.
Don’t help me out, don’t even try,
Just let me wither away and begin to die.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
Watch me break and watch me fall.
I’ve turned my back on this world so cold,
I’ve seen it turn black and watched it erode.
My soul has drifted, I no longer survive,
Prove me wrong; tell me I’m alive.
I won’t believe your words I never do,
So what happens when the truth isn’t true?
Is it a lie, is it something you hate?
Do you curse God, do you curse fate?
So send me away, to the unknown,
I’m fine by myself, here all alone.

A poem.

I talk to the Dark,
All alone at night,
I tell it my secrets,
About the wars that I fight.
I whisper of blood,
Of death and the cold,
I can see it think calmly,
Of the thoughts that I’ve told.
I cry with the stars,
The moon lends an ear,
My sanctuary is Dark,
Always so near.
I tell tales of my silver,
The red that it spills,
The Dark only listens,
As I dream of these thrills.
I scream about the fights,
The dispute inside my head,
Where my enemy knows my faults,
Where everything feels dead.
The Darkness is still quiet,
As I mumble my last thoughts,
I fall asleep the loser,
Of the battle I just fought.
My Beloved Dark will never judge me,
Never tell me I’m okay,
Even though it will hear me,
The Dark can’t take my pain away.
It is there to just listen,
What no one else can see,
I know the burden of my choices,
The Dark can’t set me free.